Jaguar Tats Up the F-type SVR With Decals and Stripes


Posted on: March 7, 2018

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2018 Jaguar F-type SVR with Graphic Pack


Blimey, you missed out on Jaguar’s 250-car run of the F-type Project 7, so all you’ve got to show for yourself is an F-type SVR convertible. You can’t add the Project 7’s headrest/roll-bar hump, but Jaguar will gladly sell you some decals to make your 575-hp F-type SVR a little extra special.


The SVR Graphic Pack applies a thick double-lined band across the forward edge of the hood that extends to the fenders and paints the grille surround in a contrasting color. Aside from the “575” text integrated into the stripes instead of a “Project 7” badge on the hump, and the absence of a big white meatball on the door for your racing number, it’s remarkably similar to that crazy, oversteering special edition’s white graphics. More stripes appear on the rocker panels, with additional matching accents for the two-tone side-view mirrors and the inner edges of the retractable carbon-fiber spoiler.


The cars pictured here wear Ultra Blue and Black decals over Corris Grey and Indus Silver paint. Four more combos (Firenze Red over Yulong White, Gold over Santorini Black, Black over Caldera Red, and Corris Grey over Ultra Blue) are available at no charge to European customers and at an unspecified price to us Yanks. Ford charges a premium to wrap the Shelby GT350R in stripes, so we can’t knock Jaguar’s money grab. And the F-type SVR, no matter the paint job, looks nothing like your neighbor’s Mustang.




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