The Romantic Charm of Bali

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of thousands of tropical islands, one of the islands of Indonesia is an island called Bali. The island of Bali is very famous in throughout the world, maybe you’ve been on a vacation here or have heard about this island before. But do you know the origin of were the word Bali came from and the name of the island of Bali?

Besakih, Bali

I myself am also curious because I read various writings about Bali. In the year 913 AD in the village of Blanjong (Sanur) found a Blanjong Inscription created by King Sri KesariWarmadewa there is a writing about the island of Bali which was then called Bali Dwipa, history also recorded in 983 AD in Gobleg II inscription in the era of King SriwijayaMahadewi the name of Bali is inscribed in it, Inscription Langgahan in 1335 there is also writing about Bali and the speaker, also wrote a book of Hindhu religion named I Ketut Wiana in this book it describes “Why Bali is Called Bali?” participated in his opinion that Bali originated from the Sanskrit word which means “The Power of the Supreme.”

Apart from the origin name of Bali the fact that this one island does have a very strong and magical natural charm with many beautiful beaches that can be visited among the island. When you come to the island, try to feel it when you come here to the beaches, close your eyes and listen to the waves that accompanied by the blow of the slight breeze that hits the skin very pleasantly. The most Iconic beach in Bali is Kuta beach. Though there are many beaches spread in several areas in Bali, including famous Seminyak beach which is also the same as Kuta beach,yet in the area of ​​Seminyak itsmuch more calm compared to Kuta area. The beaches in Seminyak really attracted the tourists or honeymoon couples to spend time relaxing in the Seminyak areas, Petitenget Beach, Double Six Beach.


This beach is perfect for visitors who want to sunbathe, relax, read books or enjoy the beautiful sunset that must bring a very strong romantic vibe. The sunset on this beach emits a charming orange light, especially for you honeymoon couples this is very nice. And for a place to stay especially for you honeymooners, I am proud to offer you our privileged honeymoon villa that includes a honeymoon suit in Seminyak that ensures a romantic atmosphere and your privacy is well preserved during your honeymoon in Seminyak.

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