The Disappearance of MH370: Crash, Hijack Or Alien Abduction?

8 March 2014 was a perfectly normal day in the aviation world, until Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to Beijing with 239 people onboard. At first, it was taken as a crash, but later it became an aviation mystery. What really happened to flight MH370?

In an early investigation, it was found that Air traffic controllers lost contact with the Boeing 777–200ER an hour after it took off from the Kuala Lumpur airport. In a statement, Military officials revealed that the plane was last detected near the island of Pulau Perak when it was 29,500 feet above the surface. The most surprising thing about the flight MH370 disappearance is that its pilot didn’t send any distress signal or panic message, or tried turning back to the place where the journey started. The pilot was experienced, environment inside the plane was good and there were no hints of machinery issue. Then what happened to the flight MH370?

Until now, several rescue and search efforts have been launched and abandoned. In some cases, debris spread out on different coasts has been linked to the missing plane. But there is no solid evidence which could tell what exactly happened to the plane. This gap in investigations has been filled with wild theories on how and where the plane vanished.

Pilot Suicide

Captain Zaharie Ahmad of MH370 was an experienced captain who knew air routes of Asia like computer experts know shortcut keys. Some theories on the mysterious missing plane highlighted the possibility of deliberate attempt to hide the plane from radar. A leaked document belonging to Malaysian police alleged that Captain Ahmad also flew a suicidal route on a simulator. Some even claimed that the pilot was heartbroken. But Malaysian police didn’t confirm any such claim.

The Burning Plane

An interesting theory on sudden disappearance of the plane suggested that the plane experienced an electric shock in cockpit or a fire on board. Seeing the worsening scenario, the pilot must have landed the plane in the ocean to save passengers. But the pilot’s heroic effort didn’t work well and the plane plunged into the oceanic water, as per the theory.


According to an Australian survey, some people think that the plane must have been hijacked by someone or pilot himself. After the successful hijack, the plane was taken to a secret place where all the onboard people were killed.

Putin Knows

A volunteer investigator, Andre Milne, claimed last year that the Russian President knows where the missing Boeing 777 is, but won’t tell. He also suggested that Putin was aware of the flight’s location, thanks to a Russian satellite, but he remained tight-lipped. He chose to stay silent because the location was discovered by a spy satellite.

Alien Abduction

This is the wildest theory based on the missing plane. Around 5% people in a survey said that they firmly believe in plane’s abduction by aliens.

In 2014, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, CEO of Malaysia Airlines, said, “We do not know how, we do not know why this tragedy took place”. More than three years after the incident, the mystery is still on. Nobody knows what happened to the plane.

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