JOUR220: CNA Week 7

The hardest karaoke song in the world: Iceland launches new tourism campaign

In an effort to draw more visitors to this Nordic island nation, Iceland’s tourist country board has launched a new video campaign titled “The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World” in an attempt to challenge tourists to test their skills with the Icelandic language. The tourist board has also released a video of the tourists and their attempt to sing along. Due to the difficulty of learning the language, most tourists and those not accustom to it found the song quite tricky to keep up with.

Why did Vikings have ‘Allah’ embroidered into funeral clothes?

Researchers in Sweden had discovered Arabic letters embroidered into traditional burial costumes from Viking boat graves. Garments were dismissed as examples of Viking funeral attire and had been kept in storage for more than 100 years, however, a new investigation has given rise to much interest in regards to the relationship between Viking and Muslim culture. The letters woven into the garments have been found to form the words “Allah” and “Ali,” which raises questions about the grave’s occupants.

Inside the world’s largest private jet

A new $72 million aircraft is set to be the world’s largest private jet and will comfortably be able to fly 19 lucky passengers in style. The jet itself is 111ft 2in long and is complete with four living areas and a private bathroom. The latest and greatest in luxury travel, the Global 7000 plane is making its grand debut on Sunday at the National Business Aviation Association’s flagship industry trade show in Las Vegas.

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