Hustling to Australia

Taking on medical science and moving from Singapore to Australia is a pretty bold move for Karmen. Not a lot of young millennials take the plunge, but the wild, adventurous side of Karmen led her to explore new experiences in a foreign country.

As the degree is content heavy, she is usually in class or working on assignments throughout the week. On the side, she enjoys spending time with family, friends and especially her cats. She also puts time aside to share her preloved goods on Carousell since 2013.

‘Moving to Sydney helped me adapt to a new environment, and Carousell played a large part to paying off my expenses’’ she said.

Her stay in Sydney has impacted on her lifestyle and perspective towards her career goals studying in medical science. She has been in Australia for almost four years and has fallen in love with the culture and breezy weather. As Sydney is not the cheapest place to live, Carousell gave her an alternative option to earn extra money.

‘Though a lot of people warned me about online scams and trolls, my first experience with Carousell was a smooth and friendly process. It started with a piece of clothing I could no longer fit into anymore, and my listings grew from there’.

She loves how the feedback system is so useful when it comes to determining her sales and purchases. It gives her a strong sense of who to trust when processing her transactions.

Karmen recommends two key aspects to keep in mind of when selling your items. One, always make sure your items are in good conditions before posting them up online. Two, always be honest and provide as much information about the item you are listing in the descriptions section.

Carousell ID: kartepillar

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