Excitedly you are planning your trip abroad. Hardly anyone at that moment thinks about disease, but you should.

This is confirmed by a number of people’s experiences and statistics as well.

If you suddenly become ill or injured in a foreign country, this can be a pricey cost for you. There are many examples of how some harmless accidents on the journey can cost you the entire savings and even more than that. The best advice is that you put the travel health insurance policy on the list of mandatory things you carry on the travel. This policy provides that in case of illness or accident abroad all incurred costs and organized transportation to your country is payed by insurance companies.

Some studies show that nearly 40% of people traveling abroad do not know that they will bear the costs of medical care without health insurance.

Travel health insurance policy is not mandatory and without it you can travel around the world. However, you should carefully consider this, because without it long awaited journey can turn into the worst nightmare.

Medical claims represent over 50% of all travel insurance fees.

What is the real cost of a hospitalization abroad

Staying in some of the most expensive hospitals in the world can cost you more than double the accommodation in the luxury 5-star hotel, up few hundred euros per a day. This price does not include the necessary checks and medications.

Among the most expensive treatments in the world are those in Singapore, the United States or Hong Kong. In Europe, treatment of injury or sudden illness is the most expensive in hospitals in the Netherlands and Germany.

Even simple medical interventions could be quite expensive. Here are some common examples, which could happen to anyone of us.

— If you break a leg in Spain, it could cost you close 12.000 EUR
 — Ordinary checkup at the private doctor for insect bites or burns is about 120 EUR
 — Several days’ hospitalization in the United States costs several thousands of euros and transportation to your country by plane with a medical escort is more than 10.000 EUR

By purchasing a policy, you can spare yourself of these costs. However, sometimes it happens that due to lack of information people pay medical treatment although they have already paid medical insurance. A drastic example that is well known in the international media is the case of a mother who urgently had to sell her home at lower price in order bring her sick son back home.

Namely, during a vacation in the Caribbean, Allan Cox had urgently pancreas surgery and the costs of treatment and returning home by first class escalated close to 78 000 euros. His passport was confiscated and he was prevented from going back home while all the expenses are paid.

How this happened?

Although he had health insurance, his policy did not cover this type of medical services because he forgot to report this chronic disease.

When buying travel health insurance you should pay attention to this

In order to avoid these and similar situations it is necessary to pay attention to several things.

First, make sure your health insurance covers the cost of treatment and medical transportation abroad.

If you become ill in a foreign country and need medical help, don’t go to some random clinic. It may happen that that clinic it is not in the health insurance system and the expenses will not be refunded.

High blood pressure, diabetes and similar chronic diseases are not part of standard travel insurance packages. This does not mean you will be deprived from necessary medical assistance if an accident occurs due to chronic disease and that your life will be threatened. Only after returning home, you will not be able to refund the money that you paid for. So be well informed what diseases are covered by the standard policy of your insurance company and for which diseases you must pay additionally.

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